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How to select a car cover that will protect your vehicle in the best way

How to select a car cover that will protect your vehicle in the best way

Every car owner knows that interior car accessories are quite difficult to choose and therefore, this process should be approached carefully as a mistake might create certain risks. By contrast, much less attention is paid to selecting exterior accessories because a lot of drivers believe that they do not perform any function other than decorative. However, the situation is quite different when it come to choosing a car cover. Although it might seem a simple choice, the task can be rather challenging. There are so many option in materials, designs, sizes, and even colours, that it is hard to find the most suitable one. In this blog, we will share a small list of factors you should bear in mind before making a purchase.

The first thing to consider is your parking habits. Where do you usually leave your vehicle? How often do you drive? It driving your hobby or do you use your car every single day? The answers will help you to make a decision. If you often use your car and park it in the street, cover it up with a lightweight outdoor car cover. Storing and folding will be much easier. If you park in a place where kids play, an extra layer of protection is needed (the cover will be heavier and bulkier).

Climatic conditions should also be taken into consideration. Different materials can cope with different climates. In coastal areas, you will need fabrics that withstand salt air damage. In wet areas, water-resistant materials that are both able to keep the water out and to breathe are the best. In hot and dry climate, UV protection is required.

Finally, think about the colour. In sunny regions, select light fabrics (like silver). The same rule is applied to light vehicles because light cover ones might bleed UV energy.

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